To Stay or Go

What will I miss,
If-I-do, or-I-don’t?
Maybe I should.
Maybe I won’t.

Not-sure what to do,
But I need to decide.
I can stay here,
Or go-along for the ride.

If I go
It may be fun.
If I stay,
I’ll get things done.

I could flip a coin,
It’s a total toss-up.
If I stay,
I could go for a run.

I-could-be productive,
Or lay around,
In the bed,
Or on the ground.

I can do whatever,
But nothing calls,
So maybe I should go.

Yep. I’ll stay.
No. I should go.
Man this is tough.
I just don’t know.

I’m tired of thinking.
I need to decide.
I guess that I’ll just go.

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