I know what it’s not.
I’ve seen it first hand.
New guy comes in.
Says, this is my band.

And, Whatever you’ve done,
It’s all gunna change.
You’re a number
That I’ll rearrange.

Giant ego.
No personal skill.
Just wants yes-men,
And to hear, I will.

And condescending.
Lacking context.
Trying to will what comes next.

More worried about
How he looks,
Lost on him
Are the history books.

Never saw
The way things are.
He slowed our progress.
He became like tar.

Total mess.
Covered in buzz words,
Like, We’re playing chess;

A game he knows
Is lost on most.
He plays the king.
He likes to boast.

Lost on him…
The people’s voice.
And that they
Always have a choice,

To follow him,
And get on board.
Or, to not buy in.
In which case he’s ignored.

And, talked about.
Behind his back;
Sad state of affairs;
A total hack.

A fraud. A fake.
He never fits in.
One day he’ll be gone.
Then it’s time to begin…

Again, with a new leader.

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