Silly Shorts 4

You can’t see the tree,
Yet still you care.
The wall’s blocking your view,
But you know that it’s there.

You grab a ladder,
And climb to the top,
But you can’t get over.
It’s too-far of a drop.

So, you climb back down
And grab some rope.
But, it’s too short.
You begin to lose hope.

You start to cry…
And then you get mad…
So you get a sledgehammer
That you borrow from Dad.

But, it’s way too heavy.
You’re just too small.
“What else can I use
To break-through this wall”?

You-run-back to-dad’s-workshop.
You grab a hammer and-drill.
You think, “if one doesn’t work,
The other one will”.

But, neither tool works.
You can’t break through.
You couldn’t climb over.
What will you do?!

You think and think,
But you just don’t know.
You feel like quitting,
But you don’t want to-go.

You nearly give up.
“This wall is too big”!
But, right at that moment…
“I got it! I’ll dig”!

You grab the shovel
As quick as you can.
You’re proud of yourself.
You have a plan!

And, it works!
You’re now with the tree.
You look up in the branches.
It’s what you were hoping to see!

Your cat!

You get her down safely,
Which isn’t too tough,
Compared to the wall.
“Boy that was rough”!

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