One Shinning Moments

We love comeback stories,
And-to-see underdogs win.
Like, final play
Where it’s fourth and ten.
Hail Mary pass,
To the guy off the bench.
Coach had no options.
He was in a pinch.
Final play.
The kid came through.
Back of the end zone.
Despite replay,
You knew.
He caught it,
In bounds,
For the go ahead score.
Fans lost their minds;
Unbelievable roar.

That’s the stuff
That dreams are made of.
You can’t help but think
Of the presence above.

Almost too-good to-be-true;
That one shining moment,
When the kid delivers.
He stepped up and he owned it.

Chills, if not tears
Rush into you.
Nothing like it.
These times are few.

And, as soon as it’s over,
You want the next time;
When-the-play comes together.
For the one-kid to-shine.

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