Light Allows us to See Contrast

Without much light,
Mostly darkness,
I am able to see outlines
Through some contrast.
The detail is lost on me,

Ive learned, things are as they are regardless of how i see them.

A tree is a tree in the day and the night. My view of the tree in darkness and in light doesn’t change what is. The tree appears more beautiful when there is light.
I don’t recognize its beauty when it is dark.

So what about this as a parallel to how we see others?

There’s some fluctuation i imagine for all of us, but think about seeing others in a positive and negative light.

Don’t diminish someone to an outline (a view in darkness), while thinking of yourself in a positive light.

I realize it’s hard not to sometimes, especially when others aren’t holding themselves or you in a positive light.

The answer / right action may lie in non-reaction and in non-attachment.
Focus on yourself. Don’t get stuck / caught up in someone else’s darkness. Be an observer, not one that reacts.

Be still. Practice compassion.
See the good in others

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