Am i republican?
Well, I don’t really know.
Let’s talk about issues.
Then maybe you’ll know.

And, before you go
You may know where I stand.
Or, at least with that issue,
Or the part that’s at hand.

I’m not quite one or the other.
I’m just me.
May we leave it there?
Tell me what you see.

As opposed to start with a lable,
Allow it to-come to light
If you must lable me.
But, I don’t-think that’s right.

As in, it serves to divide,
As we go separate ways,
For what? Feeding GroupThink
While ignoring the maze?

Let’s start with another lable;
One we both share.
Like, we’re both humans.
Or, we’re both here for repair.

Coming together…
We-have common ground.
Let’s decide to walk away
With the good that we found.

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