Business Sense

Fine tooth comb,
Locked away.
Detail’s devil,
Here to play.

Not surprised.
He reared his head.
Ugly sucker’s
Face is red.

He’s got the horns.
He’s filled with hate.
He’s got you now.
You’re just too late.

Sees right through you,
And eats your heart.
Bit by bit,
Rips you apart.

Heed the warnings.
Mind the deets.
Buckle up.
Put on your cleats.

Have a helmet.
Take a bat.
Prepare to swing.
Expect a rat.

Become complacent,
Trouble looms.
Watch the sky.
Look out for brooms.

Catch twenty two
At every turn.
Embrace the failures.
Seek and learn.

Be-not affraid-though
To take a chance.
Better that
Than miss the dance.

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