What Do You See?

Think of awareness
Like you think of a Drone.
And, the world is your mind,
Which has a life of its Own.

You’re just one drone.
With limited Scope.
If you think you see all,
That’s your ego; a Joke.

Your awareness has range,
As a drone has View.
But, sometimes it’s foggy,
And hard to see what we Do.

My conscious mind
Is easy to Find
My subconscious though
Is beneath and Behind…

That which i-can-see
From up Above.
Is that it?
Nope. That was a Dove.

Role back the tape!
That might have been It!
Nope. That was smoke.
A fire’d been Lit.

Tricky to follow.
Tough to Control.
A mind likes to wander,
And to dig like a Mole.

So, work on your drone?
Work on its Sight?
Is yours close-to the-earth?
Do you know its Height?

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