Kool-Aid “Leaders”

You’ve lost your grip.
I know what to do.
But, you’ll not listen.
I can’t talk to you.

It’s not complicated,
Despite what you think.
But, you’ll never hear me,
Until you put down the drink.

No. Not the alcohol.
I’m talking bout kool-Aid.
You’ve become drunk
On the concoction you made.

You served it to yes-men,
That had no choice,
They too became drunk,
And they lost their voice.

So there you are,
On top of your horse,
Within walls that you built,
Yet, you’re blind to the source.

You’ve forgotten foundation.
You’re long lost through greed.
You can’t see the field.
You don’t know what you need.

Ironic though,
How simple it is.
Yet you’re so far away;
Consumed by the fiz.

You’re lacking trust.
And, it’s a matter of ego.
Admit to yourself,
That you just don’t know.

And, that it’s not your place.
From where you’ve stood.
It could be though.
You probably should…

Listen. Start there.
Step-outside of your walls.
You may see the truth.
You may here the calls…

From those that are loyall.
From those that struggle.
The direct result,
Of your place in the bubble.

Are you hearing me now?
Your soldiers know what it takes.
They’ve kept it clean,
But, by using your rakes.

Tools that disguise,
And, distract from good work.
They know time is wasted,
Mumbling, That guy is a jerk.

So until you connect
With the people’s heart
The machine can’t thrive;
You’re too far apart.

Put down your Kool-aide!
I beg this of you!
Your vision Will clear,
What you want may come true.

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