Can’t Never Could

What if you don’t?
What if you do?
You must decide.
It’s up to you.

Wherever you are,
Whatever you face.
Think of kindness.
Think of grace.

Think of forgiveness,
And letting go.
No-sense in-holding
It-in, you know?

We’ve got to manage our self.
That’s just the deal.
If we’re to move on and to grow,
We’ve got to heal.

And, to be with compassion.
Others hurt too.
Start with a smile
In all that you do.

You will transform,
But, not without struggle.
That’s a part of this life.
And, a things we must juggle…

And, wrestle with,
But we must see it as good,
And say, I Can,
Because, Can’t Never Could.

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