Stop Complaining. It’s OK

Catch yourself complaining.
Stop it! ASAP.
Perspective is a privilege,
And response-ability.

You’re in charge of you,
And of-what to make if things;
Not in-control of others,
Nor of-what life brings.

Step outside.
Relax. Just chill.
Feel the breeze and sun.
Life’s not all about the grind.
You should be having fun (too).

We all get swept away;
Pulled throughout the day.
Just remember, you’re in charge
Of all the things you say.

Is how you see the world.
Stop, and Be awhile.
Slow down and trust
That you are fine.
Practice your own smile.

This is dedicated to my beautiful Gram who taught me to smile and keep my shoulders back; a great lesson of awareness and posture;
A reminder to check myself along the way; to say to myself, it’s ok.

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