I know What I Saw

Most hear what they want to hear,
So they can validate their story about who they are and why they’re here.
Most see what they want to see;
Not whatever it is for whatever it is.

A for instance:
You close your eyes.
You see a brilliant color in abstract form. It is moving; flosting by.
Rather than let it come and go as it is and as it will, we want to hold it; keep it from moving along .
And, we have a need to name it; to make something out of the shape, so that it is recognizable, and so we can say, that’s what i saw.

We see how we’ve been taught and how we’ve learned to see.
We have an understanding of ourselves and of the world we live in. We have our definitions of normal. Aren’t we viewing others within frameworks and bias? Quick to judge and to label?

What if we spent time each day with nature, just observing? Like, just staring at a plant or tree. Not thinking. Just being with the plant.
I imagine that this practice could be transformational; that like with any practice there would be results.
Results perhaps that would allow us to be more present with ourselves and with others in the name of being, compassion, and non-judgement.

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