I stood in the airport at the edge of some tables surrounding a bar; minding my business, lost in thought; there to catch some of the British Open on the TV, before my flight.
“Is this your conversation”, said a gentleman at the table nearest me.
He had an irish accent.
I thought that was what was said;
Not certain and taken back at first.
My eyes followed his voice as we’d not previously made eye contact.
“Excuse me”, i said.
“Is this your conversation”, he repeated. “I saw you looking over this way”, he said.
It was clear now to me his posture, attitude, and question.
Without hesitation, i calmly assured him that I’d been lost in thought and was not paying any attention to his conversation.
He seemed to accept my response.
As quickly as the interaction began, it was over.

Do you find yourself more or less aware of your conversations when surrounded by other people?
Restaurants is a good for instance.
Are you the type that is in the quieter side? Do you consider it an obligation not to speak so loud that it invites others into your space/ conversation?

Interesting, I think.

As far as the gentleman un the airport… I get it.
I know what it feels like to be with others, in a public place, where you’re aware of those around you;
Feeling protective of your space and conversation.

“Is this your conversation”, seemed a bit aggressive in my eyes though.
I supoose though, he wasn’t shy about getting right to the point.

I considered saying, “It could be.”
“Is that an invitation?”

I prefer most often to move on about my way and to not allow people like this to distract me.


I recall a game that i was a part of, at an overnight camp when i was 12 years old.
Among roughly 20 kids, we were told that the day’s lesson was around self-awareness.
Our Leader told us that he would only respond to good, or necessary questions. And, that we were to behave from a mindset of, speak less. And, think before you ask a question. Do you know the answer, or is it really a question that needs to be asked?
Today, i consider the value of that exercise, and i categorize it within the concept of non-reaction.

Think about it, as you move on from this post.
For the sake of trying something different, spend some time just as an observer of your thoughts.
See what’s coming up that’s compelling you to act; to do something. To say something to someone. To write someone, etc…
And, just don’t.
Stop yourself from doing it.
Aside from the things you “need” to do today… just don’t.
Consider it a day of non-reaction.
If you’re engaged in conversation with those around you… at the very least… slow down. Take an extra pause or two in your responses.
Same goes if you’re around children.
Slow down.
There’s a good lesson for you to pass along to them.

A Part of you

Mostly wondering
How i should be,
Among those
In front of me.

Within myself.
In front of them,
And when I’m on my own.
I ask myself,
But who am i,
If not a man alone?

With this?
But, with that which lies within.
Beneath the clothes.
Within the heart.
Above the so sad show.


Someone needs to stir the pot,
But who?
Be prepared to take the fall
If it is you.

Like a dream
Where you’re falling
All alone.
No one seems know,
But you.

And yet,
Somehow you know,
As you see yourself
From outside yourself,
It’ll be ok,
Because it’s only just a dream.

Despite how real it seems.
Despite the feeling
That you’re with.
You know.

It’s only just a dream.


A quick thought,
Unknown to you
Brings us closer
In my mind.

Up to each of us
What to make of us,
And this.

Are we here
Together on this?

Am i just a wish of yours?
That i am a way
For a time
That is something other than I am?

Do you see me?
Can you hear me?
You there?

Let’s bring the best out in one another,
And trust where that’ll take us.

Beyond the Fluff it Comes

Like an ingredient
That’s added.
A door opens up.
Things have aligned.
That’s what’s up!

Things coming together.
Pieces connect.
A project has surfaced.
You feel an effect.

That you may reach others
And give the good stuff.
Art for the soul.
Beyond all the fluff.

Working with others.
On the same page.
Openly. Fully.
Out of the cage.

Your way.
We know.
What’s right.
We show
And shine
How we
Were meant
To be.
Just right
For you and me.


Seems a different pull today.
Familiar feeling,
But stronger than yesterday.

Comes a different pace
And sense of urgency.
Focus changed;
A state of mind
For me to follow
Til something’s rearranged.

Always progress, as i see it.
Always moving forward
Towards new space.
Yearning for alignment
With heart
And that which i chase.