May We See What’s Real

Thank God for the feelings,
That we’ve all come to know.
It’s a part of the lessons;
May they help us to grow.

Good and bad feelings
Are just like a hint;
A reminder of love.
We’re never broken – Just bent.

Exactly how
We’re supposed to be.
It’s one way He calls.
From His hope, may we see…

Beyond what we think,
With each circumstance.
May we learn non-reaction.
To ne still IS a dance.

You don’t have to move,
When others speak.
Their walls won’t protect you.
Each one has a leak,

And holes that will show;
Built by men;
Confused by the ego.
Living in sin.

So, move when the Lord speaks,
That’s how to be.
Find peace in the stigllness,
Where He allows you to see..

What’s real,
What matters,
What you should do;

How to behave in the world,
That’s in front of you.

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