Become Still, With God.

You can hide behind God.
And, most people will…

But, without ever learning,
What it means to be still.

He’s here to hold us,
With ultimate grace;
Despite how we know Him,.
And despite what we chase.

Feeding stories
Within our mind,
About who we are,
And about what we find.

But, to know Him means
To know His love.
That he protects us in storms,
From heaven, above.

As if dark skys and rain
Are a part of the deal.
Like, pain is a blessing.
Thank God that we feel.

Through the storms we are washed.
Through our doubt may we know
That we can turn our back,
But He never let’s go.

Through wreztling with Him,
And by enduring each test,
Life becomes less of a fight,
And more about rest;

The peace within
That he wants for us all,
Comes through giving our love;
That’s how to answer his call.

Be about Love and Compassion,
For yourself, and for others.

The kindness you put out is echoed back. That’s just the way it works.

We can all move forward, here and now, seeking Love. Seeking Him.

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