Speak Truth With Him

We live in a world,
Where you can’t say what you want.
If you even dare write it,
They’ll judge your font.

They’ll run with it,
Without all the context.
Painting ill pictures
Of what you’ll do next.

And, of how you’re a threat
To the way they see.
You’re food for their thought.
As with flower for bee.

So, what if you don’t
Decide to speak your mind?
Seems a bit-like
Leaving truth behind.

But, you haven’t.
You hold it.
It’s still here with you.
Like you carry a safe,
Full of-what you hold true.

Believe in yourself.
You have a place.
It’s not yours, but God’s
And it’s defined by His grace.

So walk your path,
And stay the course.
Accept when you see
The man on high-horse.

There are many illusions
Along your way,
Designed as a test.
Like distractions. Don’t stray.

Don’t feed in
To the haters and doubt.
Rise above.
Show what you are about.

Still, and confident.
That you’re with the Lord.
That it’s he who is guiding.
As your light and a sword;

To protect you.

You are safe, and loved.
Trust in Him.
Be with peace.

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