Dear God

My God, we’re so different.
Yet,I know we’re the same.

I realize the traps;
That each system’s a game.

Walls built with ego;
An incredible mess.
Held up by roles,
With costumes as dress.

Like we can’t see the masks,
That each of us wear.
Lost through time.
Now abnormal to dare…

To speak from the heart.
Like it’s foreign to most.
Their eyes are fixed,
Like concrete to post.

Fixed on objects.
Resigned long ago
To accepting the mess.
Too scared to let go,

Of what they posses.
We know-not what-we-do.
Speak to us, Lord,
So that love comes through.

So that we may turn a corner,
And see the light;
Connect with you,
And remember what’s right.

Help us Lord.
We’re fools without you.
Help us to wake with a desire to seek you and to walk honorably, in your name; for You. For all. For Love.

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