To the Little Ones

Put yourself out there.
I got your back.
It’s good to explore.
It’s also-ok to relax.

I’ll continue to teach you
While looking ahead.
Hoping you’ve heard me,
And the things that I’ve said.

May you walk with healthy fear,
And awareness.
May you be guided by our angels,
That are with us, to protect us.
May you enjoy life, and explore limits; push yourself, embrace change and the discomfort thst comes with it.
Trust and believe in yourself.
Fear not failure;
Know it as progress along your way.

You’ll always be ok,
Right where you are.
Do what you want, but never put it above your responsibility to be good and kind to others.
Be for the greater good.
Find peace within yourself, and know yourself above money and things.
Keep it simple.
Be about Love.

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