The Perfect You

You don’t have to make something
More than it is.
Just let things be
Just as they are.
And put your mind at ease.

Peace be with you,
If you allow for it,
Means getting out of your way,
Trusting yourself to to move forward;
To take the steps in front of you;
Uniquely yours, laid out for you.

We are in motion.
Go through yours (motions) naturally,
The way that only you can.

Trust yourself,
As you are,
Exactly where you are.
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Perfect exactly who you are.

I had a dream long ago that has stuck with me; that i think of often.
I was staring, strained, at an object on a mantel. I couldn’t make it out, as if my eyes were failing me. The object simply would not come into focus.
As with many dreams, i was watching myself, therefor aware of my struggle.
I don’t recall if i considered the dream while dreaming or after waking up.

It is clear that i find myself exhibiting similar behavior in life.
I find myself straining and then saying to myself, such a simple task should not require such effort; such concentrated effort. And, this is something i could do in my sleep, figuratively speaking.

The other part of the lesson in this is the idea of, what we’re not seeing when we’re so geared towards and focussed on certain things?

As we’re so wrapped up in whatever it is we’re doing…
What are we missing out on?

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