On pause.
That place within myself,
Where I’m me,
Feeling and breathing;
A place within yet beyond
What im doing
And where I’m going.

I’m the time-out,
Home base;
A safe place,
As i comfort myself
With trust,
That I’m fine.

My body feels good.
The aches and pains are part of my progress.
I’ve a few bumps and bruises
From traveling a broken road.
But, i am fine.

Looking to shine
Through the layers
That have built up.
Looking to break through
If not rise above
The many walls around us.

Only I may breathe for me.
Only I can take my steps.
Only I, whatever I am.

I know in mind i stand and am for peace and love.
That’s what I hold.
That’s what I’ll carry
For as long as I may know.

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