I stood in the airport at the edge of some tables surrounding a bar; minding my business, lost in thought; there to catch some of the British Open on the TV, before my flight.
“Is this your conversation”, said a gentleman at the table nearest me.
He had an irish accent.
I thought that was what was said;
Not certain and taken back at first.
My eyes followed his voice as we’d not previously made eye contact.
“Excuse me”, i said.
“Is this your conversation”, he repeated. “I saw you looking over this way”, he said.
It was clear now to me his posture, attitude, and question.
Without hesitation, i calmly assured him that I’d been lost in thought and was not paying any attention to his conversation.
He seemed to accept my response.
As quickly as the interaction began, it was over.

Do you find yourself more or less aware of your conversations when surrounded by other people?
Restaurants is a good for instance.
Are you the type that is in the quieter side? Do you consider it an obligation not to speak so loud that it invites others into your space/ conversation?

Interesting, I think.

As far as the gentleman un the airport… I get it.
I know what it feels like to be with others, in a public place, where you’re aware of those around you;
Feeling protective of your space and conversation.

“Is this your conversation”, seemed a bit aggressive in my eyes though.
I supoose though, he wasn’t shy about getting right to the point.

I considered saying, “It could be.”
“Is that an invitation?”

I prefer most often to move on about my way and to not allow people like this to distract me.

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