I recall a game that i was a part of, at an overnight camp when i was 12 years old.
Among roughly 20 kids, we were told that the day’s lesson was around self-awareness.
Our Leader told us that he would only respond to good, or necessary questions. And, that we were to behave from a mindset of, speak less. And, think before you ask a question. Do you know the answer, or is it really a question that needs to be asked?
Today, i consider the value of that exercise, and i categorize it within the concept of non-reaction.

Think about it, as you move on from this post.
For the sake of trying something different, spend some time just as an observer of your thoughts.
See what’s coming up that’s compelling you to act; to do something. To say something to someone. To write someone, etc…
And, just don’t.
Stop yourself from doing it.
Aside from the things you “need” to do today… just don’t.
Consider it a day of non-reaction.
If you’re engaged in conversation with those around you… at the very least… slow down. Take an extra pause or two in your responses.
Same goes if you’re around children.
Slow down.
There’s a good lesson for you to pass along to them.

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