Push yourself.
Take time to chill,
Walk outside.
Climb a hill.

Sit up there
On top of it.
Look down
From where you’ve come.

Take your time
Getting back.
Or, run.
It doesn’t matter.

More than one way,
To spend your time.
You’ll be-with the bench,
And batter.

If you’ve hit the ball,
And are headed home,
Where on the path are you?
Rounding second?
Dare you steal?
What ever will you do?

I think of life’s parallels with team sports, and individual sport.
Maybe life’s like playing both at once.
And, is there any denying that life is what you make of it?
As cliche as it is…
Life is what it is, and it seems to me that we have free will.
Questions are: How do you see yourself and the world around you?
Are you so consumed by consumerism that you’re so focused on material gain that you haven’t time to sit, and enjoy a soft rain… then the sun peaking through for a bit?

We must question what is valued, every second.
We must sharpen our awareness towards love and the greater good.
We must constantly check in with ourselves and question our perspectives and focus.

Behave like you’re somewhere special. Respect the ground you walk.
And, believe in yourself and the voice inside (not all thoughts) that’s telling you, as difficult as it may seem at times, that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be; on the road to absolute awareness and love.
Death is not to be feared.
There’s nothing more certain or natural.
Connect with yourself. Be honest and real with yourself and others.

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