As i mowed the neighbor’s lawn, I couldn’t help but wonder,
Will he be offended?
Will he appreciate that I took the liberty and time?

It’s a second home for he and his wife. He has an arrangement with a landscaper to keep up with his lawn, but i understand through direct communication with my neighbor that his hired company is less than reliable.

My decision to mow his lawn came after having reached out to him (text and voicemail offering to mow), with no response.

Not my place? Overstepped my / his boundary?
After all, my mowing his lawn is in a way saying, you weren’t fulfilling your responsibility as a homeowner, so I took care of it for you.

I felt it was the right thing to do.
And, to my previos post, it is what is is, which is done. It’s now on him as to what to make of it.

I assume go on my way without recognition, and certainly with nothing more than a thank you if anything.

The only reason ive told him that I mowed is to eliminate the possibility that the hired landscaper would take credit for it should they show in the coming days.
I’ve met more that one less than honest contractor in my day.

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