More Than We Know

It is what it is
Until you make something else of it in your mind.

Think of exercise, mind, and body.
You may feel burning in your muscles. And/or you may notice that you’re breathing harder.
Do you then tell yourself, I’m tired. Or, I need to rezt?
Think about it.
You’re body is likely capable of continuing.

Now, think of a situation; something that happend recently that you didn’t like; perhaps something that someone said, or did, or didn’t do.
Are you judging them?
Do you make something more of it by speaking with others about it?
Do you hold it against them?

Do you treat them differently now…
Holding something over / against them?
If so, you made more of it.

I think there’s alot you can learn about yourzelf through exercise of any kind. With self awareness and with practice / repetition, we evolve, personally… and i believe this translates / comes through in our living and relationships.

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