You’ve been caught in a dream,
And you can’t OUTLAST IT
No matter how hard you’ve tried
You could never get PASSED IT.

The feelings come
And go
Is part of change
But rearranged
You find a different place
That stays
And outweighs
The way
You’ve known before.

Black and White
Just right
You see through
And past
What lasts
Beyond TIME;
No past
That drags you down
As weight

Trusting in yourself
A given.
Confidence implied.
A new found stride
And way to walk
Not known before
Is here for you

Like the light you can’t see.
You don’t know that it’s THERE
Until just the right time.
You’re becoming AWARE.

Like a key that’s been lost
That can’t be found when you LOOK
That’s designed to show up
When you turn the page of the BOOK.

A shedding so to speak.
A coming into your own.
The bell has rung,
And you’ve been shown

What you need in the moment.
It’s not something to CHASE.
It comes to you,
And you realize your HASTE.

Which is the ego’s reaction –
A mind set to FIGHT IT.
Non acceptance its’name.
The alternative’s To RIDE IT.

The, go with the flow.
The letting go
Of what we hold
And can’t control.

A trust in yourself.
To get outta your WAY
And to allow things to happen –
That’s how to PLAY!

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