Get on board with a mantra or two.
The Sanskrit word, Mantra means man – “mind” and tra means “tool or instrument,” so, its a tool to transport the mind to a place of stillness.

I mentioned in a previous post that most people tell themselves, I don’t meditate. Or, I don’t know how to meditate.
You do know how, and you do meditate. You’re just not aware of it. You’re feeding yourself an inacurate story. Meditation is not just a, go find a quiet space, sit, be still, don’t think, for a long period of time. Yes, that common understanding of meditation is a practice, which has many forms, but meditation as a practice can also happen with every breath of every day.
Think of it in terms of self awareness and mindfulness.
Simply bring your attention to your breath and to how you feel. Place your focus there instead of with your thoughts.
Then, you’re set to incorporate a mantra. With your in-breath you think (or say aloud), I am loving.
Then, with your out-breat you say, I am loved.
Use whatever mantra you like.
There’s no right or wrong. Just get into it and allow transfarmation to happen. And, know that you may use different mantras for different situations. Google it if you’re interested in knowing more.

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