Peace to You

What does Peace mean to you?
I’ve been giving considerable thought to it’s meaning this week.

I think of peace as a feeling, and of mind.
As I sit with myself, I allow my mind to run; considering this and that, adjusting my focus and perspectives. There seems to be a framework in play, and I’ve realized that my mind is limited / limiting;
that we’re a part of something much greater than we can wrap our minds around.

So, I do practice Letting Go (of thoughts), just breathing and being in the moment. And, with this, I am aware of how I’m feeling. Despite aches and pains that come and go, I’m able to experience a sense of peace and calm, within a general framework of mind (a mantra of sorts), where I’m believing simply that I’m fine, right where I am.

I choose to believe that I am light and love, and a part of a world that operates with light and love as a foundation. I trust that I am a part of everything, not apart from it, and that things are just as they should be.

I can’t help but worry and stress sometimes, but i do practice awareness. I operate from a place that says, I am here for others. I’ve recognized my own need for love, so i choose to reason that others need love.

Peace, I think, is a personal thing as well as a collective thing. I do my best to keep Peace top of mind, and to behave in a manner such that I carry it and share it; my understanding of it, which is a result of personal experience.
The peace I know is strong. It is a gift from experiencing the fire, but not alone; with love from others, their supoort, and from heaven above.

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