Holding. Held.

How are you now,
With what’s ahead?
How do you hold your past?
Which one most is bothering you?
How long will you let it last?

If right now is all we ever have,
Then stop, and think again,
Bout who you are
To those you love,
And the time you have with them.

Busy for tomorrow,
Or lost in yesterday
Makes being present awfully tough.
So focus on today.

Taking my time with unemployment has been a blessing. Not without stress,
Not without bruises to my ego. Not without some fear around uncertainty of the future. Not without considering my past employment.
I just choose to accept where i am, and I appreciate that i have some control as to my next steps, while trusting that I’m aligned with the universe exactly as I am, and that the right door will open at the right time; that I must trust in myself and follow my heart.

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