God is Love

Isn’t it odd that
We don’t know the deal?
Like, we know as we do,
But life’s somehow unreal?

We ponder bout life.
Many fear dieing.
And, then there is dreaming,
Where we see ourselves flying.

So many layers.
So much we don’t know.
But, we’re aware of the cycles.
Like, we see children grow.

As we see ourselves
And those around.
Some seem lost.
Some say they were found.

We speak of the journey,
To be lived and enjoyed.
But too often it seems
As though folks are annoyed;

By trivial things,
And bothered by others.
Like seeing foes;
Not as sisters and brothers.

Jealousy, and greed.
Lies and hate.
Bullshit, let’s call it.
We react to the bait.

Feeding the systems,
Which inevitability fails,
Though, i choose to see progress,
That all comes back to His nails.

That he died for us.
He died for right.
He was living for love.
He lost not the fight.

And, though time moves on,
Love never gets old.
It’s up to us to know,
And for us to hold.

Though i think it holds us;
A matter of letting it in.
We’re closed-off how we are;
Most living in sin.

With pain and secrets,
Held in mind.
We must trust one another,
And, believe that we’ll find…

Ourselves connected,
To eternal love,
The ultimate gift
From God above.

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