Last night, just as i was deciding to call it a night, I looked up and saw a giant cloud that was the shape of a heart. I thought, this is the universe sending me a message.

I had been thinking about peace and love, and heaven and hell. I was thinking that everyone knows these things in their own way, and that it must be relative to experience.

When i consider the peace I’ve experienced I think of it in terms of having come through unbelievable loss. When i think of the love I know, I think about my family that showed up the day i lost my parents.
And, when i think of that day in terms of a living hell, i know that love was there too; that i didn’t consciously realize it at the time.

So why can’t this be heaven? Right here and now? Why should i not be experiencing and sharing pure peace and love right now?

I think a-lot about perspective, and i think that we really are too often sweating the small stuff.
And, I think we’re too often failing to appreciate what’s here and what we have.

How do you feel right now? Do you have aches and pains in your body? Do you feel anxious about something? Stressed?
Whatever’s going on, take the time to be with yourself. Sit with yourself. Give yourself space. Be still with yourself, and just breathe. Trust yourself. Your body is wired to heal. Allow it to, and believe in the process.
Get your mind right! Make a practice of letting thoughts go. Things are better than they may seem.

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