Coming Back to Myself

How can I be happy and at peace if I’m feeding stories about the way (I think) things are?

This morning i caught myself in that game that many of us are familiar with in marriage; the game where we’re keeping score relative to chores. If you’re a parent who has or has had little ones, then you know it’s a seemingly, never-ending mess of toys, dishes, laundry, schedules, etc…

So, my wife was off getting her hair done. Nails, were the next stop. I was at home with the kids, feeding them, doing dishes, laundry, picking up, and mowing the lawn. I found myself thinking, she’ll come home and will notice everything I haven’t done. I found myself preparing a defense for an encounter.  I found myself thinking negatively of her, and for what? And, i was the one stewing in my own mind… so i let it go… but not before thinking something nice of her; I’m glad she’s off getting her hair and nails done. She deserves it. She’s a hard working mom.

I then put my focus into mowing the lawn, and the wonderful sounds of Simon and Garfunkel.  I was at peace within myself.

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