Turtle in the Road

I was on the way home with my children when i spotted a turtle in the middle of the road. It was a back road so i felt comfortable stopping.  It was raining, but I didn’t mind. I had time, and I thought helping the turtle off the road was the right thing to do.

A car coming from the other direction noticed us and stopped well short of us. Two cars then came to a stop behind my car. My daughter Ella wanted to be the one to move the turtle so I let her. She tried, but the turtle slipped out of her hands and scurried under our car.

At that point, I began to become concerned with holding up the other cars, so i hurried my pace. I looked under the car. The turtle was out of reach, but safely away from the wheels, so i decided to back the car up. That worked. I picked up the turtle, and moved him well off the road. As I was hurrying back to my car I looked back at the truck behind me. To my delight, the driver reached his arm out of his window and gave me a thumbs up.

We can all imagine another finger he could have used, had he been impatient.  Fortunately, he appreciated what I had done.  As I drove away I thought, it’s nice that we live in a world (at least at times) where many of us aren’t too busy or distracted to notice, appreciate, and to take care of nature and animals.  I  know others wouldn’t have stopped.  I knew there was a good chance that the turtle would have been hit.

It was nice to get that thumbs up.  I’m glad i wasn’t honked at.

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