With yourself

Do you ever find yourself thinking(?)… I’m not thinking about anything.  And, with that, you feel like you should be thinking about something?

I’m sitting outside by myself.  It’s the end of June, and the Wilmington, NC night is just filled with sounds; crickets, frogs, cicadas, and other insects that I’ve never taken the time to know.  They’re loud!

Maybe the volume helps me to just listen and to think less. Sound does have a way of distracting our minds.  Like when you’re trying to do something and there’s noise around you.  It can be difficult to focus, right?

Funny that we’re often so focused on certain things (like work), and we’re so busy, while trying to drown out the noise and distractions around us.  And yet, meditation teaches us to sit still, in quiet, while noticing and being at peace with the sounds around us.  Seems ironic.


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