The Way for Me

With uncertainty
As to what’s ahead,
I’ve peace within
Knowing I am led.

I trust the path
In front of me;
A walk for others.
That, I now see.

It’s not about
What I can gain.
It’s not, poor me,
When there is rain.

It is about
The love i give.
That’s how i see
The life i live.


Often blurry.
Rarely clear.
My sight changes;
Adjusting to the moment.

It’s a wonder that-i can see at all;
A miracle that i am here.

Where am I, if not with appreciation and gratitude?
Where am i, without companionship,
And love for those around me?

Where am i if i spend my days with anything other than focus towards love?

Dear Lord,
I long to see your world as you know it can be. Guide me. Help me to hear you and to see your light in everyone. Help me to trust myself.

May We See What’s Real

Thank God for the feelings,
That we’ve all come to know.
It’s a part of the lessons;
May they help us to grow.

Good and bad feelings
Are just like a hint;
A reminder of love.
We’re never broken – Just bent.

Exactly how
We’re supposed to be.
It’s one way He calls.
From His hope, may we see…

Beyond what we think,
With each circumstance.
May we learn non-reaction.
To ne still IS a dance.

You don’t have to move,
When others speak.
Their walls won’t protect you.
Each one has a leak,

And holes that will show;
Built by men;
Confused by the ego.
Living in sin.

So, move when the Lord speaks,
That’s how to be.
Find peace in the stigllness,
Where He allows you to see..

What’s real,
What matters,
What you should do;

How to behave in the world,
That’s in front of you.

Become Still, With God.

You can hide behind God.
And, most people will…

But, without ever learning,
What it means to be still.

He’s here to hold us,
With ultimate grace;
Despite how we know Him,.
And despite what we chase.

Feeding stories
Within our mind,
About who we are,
And about what we find.

But, to know Him means
To know His love.
That he protects us in storms,
From heaven, above.

As if dark skys and rain
Are a part of the deal.
Like, pain is a blessing.
Thank God that we feel.

Through the storms we are washed.
Through our doubt may we know
That we can turn our back,
But He never let’s go.

Through wreztling with Him,
And by enduring each test,
Life becomes less of a fight,
And more about rest;

The peace within
That he wants for us all,
Comes through giving our love;
That’s how to answer his call.

Be about Love and Compassion,
For yourself, and for others.

The kindness you put out is echoed back. That’s just the way it works.

We can all move forward, here and now, seeking Love. Seeking Him.

Speak Truth With Him

We live in a world,
Where you can’t say what you want.
If you even dare write it,
They’ll judge your font.

They’ll run with it,
Without all the context.
Painting ill pictures
Of what you’ll do next.

And, of how you’re a threat
To the way they see.
You’re food for their thought.
As with flower for bee.

So, what if you don’t
Decide to speak your mind?
Seems a bit-like
Leaving truth behind.

But, you haven’t.
You hold it.
It’s still here with you.
Like you carry a safe,
Full of-what you hold true.

Believe in yourself.
You have a place.
It’s not yours, but God’s
And it’s defined by His grace.

So walk your path,
And stay the course.
Accept when you see
The man on high-horse.

There are many illusions
Along your way,
Designed as a test.
Like distractions. Don’t stray.

Don’t feed in
To the haters and doubt.
Rise above.
Show what you are about.

Still, and confident.
That you’re with the Lord.
That it’s he who is guiding.
As your light and a sword;

To protect you.

You are safe, and loved.
Trust in Him.
Be with peace.

Dear God

My God, we’re so different.
Yet,I know we’re the same.

I realize the traps;
That each system’s a game.

Walls built with ego;
An incredible mess.
Held up by roles,
With costumes as dress.

Like we can’t see the masks,
That each of us wear.
Lost through time.
Now abnormal to dare…

To speak from the heart.
Like it’s foreign to most.
Their eyes are fixed,
Like concrete to post.

Fixed on objects.
Resigned long ago
To accepting the mess.
Too scared to let go,

Of what they posses.
We know-not what-we-do.
Speak to us, Lord,
So that love comes through.

So that we may turn a corner,
And see the light;
Connect with you,
And remember what’s right.

Help us Lord.
We’re fools without you.
Help us to wake with a desire to seek you and to walk honorably, in your name; for You. For all. For Love.

To the Little Ones

Put yourself out there.
I got your back.
It’s good to explore.
It’s also-ok to relax.

I’ll continue to teach you
While looking ahead.
Hoping you’ve heard me,
And the things that I’ve said.

May you walk with healthy fear,
And awareness.
May you be guided by our angels,
That are with us, to protect us.
May you enjoy life, and explore limits; push yourself, embrace change and the discomfort thst comes with it.
Trust and believe in yourself.
Fear not failure;
Know it as progress along your way.

You’ll always be ok,
Right where you are.
Do what you want, but never put it above your responsibility to be good and kind to others.
Be for the greater good.
Find peace within yourself, and know yourself above money and things.
Keep it simple.
Be about Love.

The Perfect You

You don’t have to make something
More than it is.
Just let things be
Just as they are.
And put your mind at ease.

Peace be with you,
If you allow for it,
Means getting out of your way,
Trusting yourself to to move forward;
To take the steps in front of you;
Uniquely yours, laid out for you.

We are in motion.
Go through yours (motions) naturally,
The way that only you can.

Trust yourself,
As you are,
Exactly where you are.
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Perfect exactly who you are.

I had a dream long ago that has stuck with me; that i think of often.
I was staring, strained, at an object on a mantel. I couldn’t make it out, as if my eyes were failing me. The object simply would not come into focus.
As with many dreams, i was watching myself, therefor aware of my struggle.
I don’t recall if i considered the dream while dreaming or after waking up.

It is clear that i find myself exhibiting similar behavior in life.
I find myself straining and then saying to myself, such a simple task should not require such effort; such concentrated effort. And, this is something i could do in my sleep, figuratively speaking.

The other part of the lesson in this is the idea of, what we’re not seeing when we’re so geared towards and focussed on certain things?

As we’re so wrapped up in whatever it is we’re doing…
What are we missing out on?


On pause.
That place within myself,
Where I’m me,
Feeling and breathing;
A place within yet beyond
What im doing
And where I’m going.

I’m the time-out,
Home base;
A safe place,
As i comfort myself
With trust,
That I’m fine.

My body feels good.
The aches and pains are part of my progress.
I’ve a few bumps and bruises
From traveling a broken road.
But, i am fine.

Looking to shine
Through the layers
That have built up.
Looking to break through
If not rise above
The many walls around us.

Only I may breathe for me.
Only I can take my steps.
Only I, whatever I am.

I know in mind i stand and am for peace and love.
That’s what I hold.
That’s what I’ll carry
For as long as I may know.