We’re here for love.

In the spring of 1999 I received a phone call from my mom. It was the call and news I’d feared for years.  My sister Lori had taken her life.  I collapsed to my knees and cried. The phone call was short, and then i walked out of my house onto the front porch. A peace and calm came over me, and my mind was empty with the exception of one thought; I am here for others.

Two years earlier I was struggling with my own depression.  I was living in FL with plans of walking onto the local, University’s basketball team. Long story short, my time there ended with one overwhelming feeling and thought; I need love.  I need to be around people that I love, and I need their love.

Life’s lessons aren’t always easy, nor are they always so obvious, but I am greatful to be alive and to be able to share these experiences with you.

Do you ever think of yourself in terms of a transmitter and receiver? We communicate out, and we take in the world around us with our senses.  We give and we receive.  We must know that we all need love, and we all have the responsibility to share our love with others.  The more we stay in tune with this the better off we are.

I say, work on compassion. It’s true that we don’t always know where others are coming from, nor what they may be dealing with.  See the good in others, and know that everyone needs love.




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