The shower.

Ever tried showering with your eyes closed… the whole time?  I’d recommend it.  Your time in the shower can be healing and transformational, if you take your time.  Consider making the shower a place of meditation.  If you’re willing, read on.  Here’s the idea…

Take just a minute before-hand to prepare yourself.  Focus on your breathing and how your body feels. Try to let go of the busy world around you.  Tell yourself, I am here now to take care of myself.  Get in the shower, and close your eyes. Feel the water, and notice your breathing again. You may need to remind yourself to slow down.

Whatever your (habit) order of washing, do it slowly and thoroughly with the intention of loving everything single part of your body.

At the very least, you may be aware of the parts of you that you typically neglect more than others. I typically take less time with my feet and toes, but that’s changing. This practice reminded me how important my feet are, and that they’re deserving of the extra time and attention. Happy washing!

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