Re-thinking Meditation..

I’m a novice when it comes to meditation, as it’s popularly known.  Sit indian style in a quiet place, breath, empty your mind, etc…

Here’s the truth though… meditation is about awareness and mindfulness.  It does take time and space, but that’s all we ever have.  Think about it.

Writing is a form of meditation for me, and there are plenty of times when I have writters block; an empty mind.

I focus on ideas. I process thoughts. Let some go, and run with others. And, that’s it.  I then re-engage with the world around me, changed. I take time for myself, and I disengage from the world around me for a bit. And, my next encounter with whomever will be different simply because i took that time.

You bump into the people when you do precisely because of your pace and energy and because of theirs. If you take a few minutes for yourself, be-it writing, or sitting still and quiet, your energy changes and who and when you encounter someone next will too. And, if you gear your intentions towards peace and love and compassion, can you argue that your next interaction with someone will be more pleasant than normal?

My belief is that we should all spend more time with / on ourselves. I hope this helps you to rethink the meaning of meditation, and that you’ll seek more time with yourself. Go within. Be well.

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