Perspective; the stories we tell ourselves.

How often do you check-in with yourself and ask, what’s the story I’m telling myself?

Whatever your situation, we’re all coming from somewhere, and we’re all responsible for our behavior. So, what are you telling yourself about who you are and what’s going on around you?  Room for improvement?

We all have the capacity to consider these questions from a neutral place, but many of us lack the awareness to  properly evaluate ourselves.

My contention is that our past is always coming through in the moment, and until we’ve come to terms with our past, we can never be whole nor at peace in the moment.

Try spending a day, as much as you can, stopping yourself and asking yourself, am i at peace? Am a wrapped up speaking negatively of something or of others? Do i feel rushed? Angry? Bothered by something or someone? Try calming yourself with a Mantra. I use, “I am loving and compassionate.  I share and receive love. May I see the good in myself and in others”.

Summary:  Take charge of your space and time. Just breathe, and take notice of how you feel. We can all change ourselves for the better. It begins with awareness.

PS. Get past the idea that you don’t know how to meditate, or that you don’t have time for it. The truth is, we’re all meditating, more or less, all the time.  The question is, are you aware of it; that it’s happening? See my next post. Thanks for reading?

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